We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Rusty Rail Brewing in Mifflinburg, PA. As our custom-built draft system comes to completion, we are dedicating all four of our draft lines to Rusty Rail's exceptional beers and our own house beer produced by Rusty Rail. We will be offering Rusty Rail's Fog Monster as a house staple in addition to Rusty Rail's seasonal and limited-edition brews which will rotate four times a year. 


Our partnership with Rusty Rail extends further than their exceptional beer; it begins with both of our core beliefs in restoring and paying homage to the history of the grounds on which we operate today. Rusty Rail's goal is to provide their small hometown of Mifflinburg with delicious and approachable craft beer. You won't find any gimmicks - just damn good beer.

We believe our commitment extends further than our customers - we seek to ensure individuals, businesses, and communities, those with whom and in which we operate, that they are always dealt with the highest standard of integrity and trust. This is why we are taking a bold stance in support of Pennsylvania's leading craft brewer, restoring our manufacturing history, and commitment to local quality products produced with love.

Rusty Rail dedicates their beer to those whose hard work and determination built the facilities in which they operate today:

We know that if our building could talk it would speak of rugged workers who got by on the determination in their hearts, the strength of their backs and the dirt on their hands. We proudly dedicate every ounce of our beer to those whose efforts have forged the American work ethic. So grab a cold one and pay tribute to the past by making the most of the present!

make it yours

we would like you to help us in naming our beer! 

We have opened a poll below where you can vote on your favorite name, or select other and create a name of your own that will be added to the list!

If you select other and your submitted name makes it to the final two, you will win a $100 gift card to the Powerhouse Eatery, a Powerhouse Eatery Hat, a Rusty Rail T-Shirt, and a $50 gift card to Rusty Rail.

Make this beer ours! Help us dedicate this beer to our community with your participation. 

What should we name the new Powerhouse signature beer by Rusty Rail?
440 Kilowatt Session Ale
Boiler Brew
Steam Surfer Ale
Surge Ale
Blackout Ale
Electron Ale
Lightening Ale
Valve Ale
Static Ale
Carbon Ale
Anthracite Ale
High-Voltage Ale
Cascading PowerAle
Switchgear Ale
Megawatt Ale
Wildcharge Ale
Amplify Ale
Crown Joule Ale
Boiler Steam Ale
Smokestack Ale
Hometown Hops
Coal'd Brew Ale
Consumptive Ale
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