Healthy, trendy and delicious... it's a probiotic drink that is starting to find its way into a lot of local stores and it's made right here in our area.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kristina Shalhoup shows us this "one-woman" startup, brewing Kombucha.

Lavender Rose, Beets and Berries, Floral Blues... It sounds like a poetic recipe or a very creative bouquet. But, it's actually just flavors of kombucha.

"I have sixteen staple flavors, and then I have a couple of seasonal ones that rotate," Owner of Counterpart Kombucha Natalie Lynn said.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains live bacteria... Which sounds scary, but is actually really healthy for your digestive system.

"It quickly became very apparent that gut health is controlling everything," Lynn said.

Years ago, after drinking a kombucha that, taste-wise, wasn't up to par, Natalie decided it was time to make the drink herself... Which turned into a business... A business that's growing quickly! 

But, even as sales speed up and batches get bigger, Natalie refuses to compromise the quality of her ingredients.

"Everything that flavors this one is entirely dependent on what I get from a local farmer," Lynn said.

So, when you take a sip, you'll know that all of the berries, herbs, and florals that you taste came right from the community... creating enough combinations to keep customers coming back. 

"It motivates me a lot, and I think that's exactly why I have so many flavors," Lynn said.

Despite only having one employee, Natalie's business, Counterpart Kombucha is making a splash in the northeast! You can find the brand in stores and restaurants in NEPA, Philadephia, and even as far south a Baltimore.  

Floral Blues | Counterpart Kombucha