In the United States alone we use 500 million plastic straws every day.

Our single-use plastics — which are built to last, some for thousands of years — contribute to the approximately 8 million tons of ocean-bound plastic pollution that reach our ocean annually.

By switching our straw product, we are on our way to being free from plastic in our restaurant and helping keep our oceans plastic free, too. Last year, contributed to this statistic by using more than 60,000 plastic straws.

This year, we are no longer part of that statistic! Instead, we are contributing to a #StrawlessOcean by switching from plastic straws to FDA approved, GMO and BPA free, compostable paper straws.

We realize that this is a change, that you’re used to plastic straws and their ease.

We appreciate you standing with us to stand up to plastics.

We appreciate your attention to ocean-bound plastic pollution.

We firmly believe that together we can change the course of our future and ensure a healthy ocean for future generations, simply by starting with the plastic straw.

Thank you for helping us create and protect a healthy marine environment for many generations to come.

Are our paper straws not what you’re used to? Well sometimes change is good. Our plastic straws have been harming our sea life and oceans, and we have decided to make a change.

Let us know your thoughts on the switch.