The Powerhouse Eatery's online store will be in full swing by summer and we are incredibly excited about the unique purveyors we have partnered with to provide artisan products, apparel, & event tickets. We are working closely with local farmers, specialty food producers, and artisans to grow our catalog and service customers throughout the country with the amazing products found within the Powerhouse. Many of the purveyors in our catalog will be distributed online exclusively through our store and we take pride in ensuring our customers can enjoy their product at home as well as in store. In addition, we will also be selling our Powerhouse themed apparel and tickets to special events including tastings and music performances.

Our mission is to extend our hospitality from the unique products you know from our restaurant to your kitchen cabinet. Our catalog will only consist of products we make in-house and partners that service products in our restaurant allowing you to experience their product to its full potential. Currently, we are undergoing construction of a bakery which will service our restaurants and online store with specialty dessert & pastry products.

The Powerhouse Blog will feature recipes and content revolving around the products we sell online. Our expert culinary team provides tremendous value to the best techniques to experience our catalog to its full potential.

We look forward to beginning to service our customers outside the four walls of our locations and extend our award-winning hospitality to your kitchen cabinet. 

featured products:

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Doghouse Pottery

A one woman, one dog operation located in Burlington, Vermont. This small ceramics business rests on a foundation built with passion, drive, and wagging tails.

Counterpart Kombucha

A woman owned small but busy business based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania. This beverage company takes great pride in producing the highest quality, traditionally fermented Kombucha. 

Peanut Butter Pie

Homemade from our classic recipe and served since we opened in 1989. Prepared fresh and shipped directly from the Ovalon.

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