• Powerhouse Eatery (map)
  • 60 Powerhouse Road
  • White Haven, PA, 18661
  • United States

The Powerhouse Eatery welcomes Haze & Dacey to our summer concert series on July 4th, entitled Powerhouse Live. We will feature a variety of acts throughout the summer months. There is no ticket fee or age requirement. Join us for a fun 4th of July event!

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Haze & Dacey revel in lilting melodies, tight harmonies, and compelling rhythms that make toes tap and bodies sway. Original songs are interspersed amongst covers both familiar and obscure. The duo skips nimbly from folk-pop to alt-country to roots-rock, creating a homegrown organic sound with upright bass, acoustic guitar, piano, shaker, tambourine, and mouth-horn. 

Kirsten Hazler - lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, mouth-horn
John Dacey - backing and lead vocals, upright bass, acoustic guitar

Take a listen and check out some live videos at: