Sous/line Chef

We are looking for a professional chef to be the follow our Executive Chef’s specifications and guidelines during our lunch and dinner shifts. The successful candidate will employ its culinary and managerial skills in order to play a critical role in maintaining and enhancing our customers’ satisfaction.


  • Helping in the preparation and design of all food and drinks menus
  • Producing high-quality plates both design and taste wise
  • Ensuring that the kitchen operates in a timely way that meets our quality standards
  • Fill in for the Executive Chef in planning and directing food preparation when necessary
  • Resourcefully solve any issues that arise and seize control of any problematic situation
  • Manage and train kitchen staff, establish working schedule and assess staff’s performance
  • Order supplies to stock inventory appropriately
  • Comply with and enforce sanitation regulations and safety standards
  • Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers


  • 2+ years of experience as a Sous Chef
  • * Understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures
  • Excellent record of kitchen and staff management
  • Accuracy and speed in handling emergency situations and providing solutions
  • Familiar with industry’s best practices
  • Working knowledge of various computer software programs (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS)
  • BS degree in Culinary science or related certificate would be a plus

Guiding Principles

  • Let go of the old, make the most of the future
  • Always tell the truth, we want to hear the bad news sooner than later
  • The highest level of integrity is expected, when in doubt, ask
  • Everyone sweeps the floor
  • Be professional in your style, speech, and follow-up
  • Listen to the customer, they almost always get it
  • Create win/win relationships with our partners and customers
  • Look out for each other, sharing information is a good thing
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Have fun, otherwise, it’s not worth it

Positions for Constant Hire

  • Janitorial Worker
  • Line Cook
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